Scale Interpretation Problems

There are a variety of problems which really just involve calculating mean drafts or displacement of a vessel and then reading a value off a scale. Each type of problem you can possibly see on your exam has a short lesson below along with a few practice problems so you can ensure you understand how the scales works.

Being able to calculate mean draft is a pre-requisite, so visit the stability fundamentals section of the course if you need to refresh on that skill.

Here are the problem types:

Displacement Scale Problems

KM Scale Problems

LCF Scale Problems

Mean Draft Scale Problems

MT-1 Scale Problems

Blue Pages Hydrostatic Curve Scale Displacement.pdf
Blue Pages Hydrostatic Curve Scale KM.pdf
Blue Pages Location of LCF.pdf
Blue Pages Scale Final Drafts After Loading.pdf
Blue Pages Scale MT1 Determination.pdf
Draft Conversion Table.pdf
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