Problem Types Introduction

These are the different types of problems you can see on your exam. Each has a video explanation, and a few example problems. For more practice, refer to the license-level specific sample exams.

  • Chart Symbology Problems - dealing with charts, scales, and interpretation of Chart Number One.
  • Publications Problems - dealing with the U.S. Coast Pilot and Light List.
  • Compass Problems - dealing with correcting magnetic or gyro compasses to true bearings.
  • Speed, Distance, and Time Problems - dealing with the relationships between these values.
  • Tide and Tidal Current Problems - usually found in Navigation General, but sometimes appearing on plotting exams.
  • Visibility of Lights Problems - when you can expect to see or lose an aid to navigation such as a light house.
  • Fixing Position Problems - finding your latitude and longitude either by radar or visual bearings.
  • Running Fix Problems - finding your latitude and longitude by using consecutive bearings to an object.
  • Set and Drift Problems - determining the set of the current based on consecutive fixes.

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