Publications and Materials

Here are some common reference materials for this topic. Most often used is the 1981 Nautical Almanac, Bowditch Volume 2, and HO 229 Volume 2 (15-30 degrees latitude). Also included are pictures you can print or zoom into for the Gnomonic Charts so that you don't have to buy them, as well as a printable Maneuvering Board.

The examination guide and testing room materials are provided so you know what to expect on your exam with the Coast Guard.

The first document (Navigation Problems for USCG Exams) is the complete textbook to accompany the course.

Navigation Problems for USCG Exams (Complete Text).pdf
1981 Nautical Almanac.pdf
HO229 15 to 30.pdf
Bowditch Volume II - 1981.pdf
Celestial Card.pdf
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