Introduction to the Exam

This course is all about solving the sample exam provided by the National Maritime Center to get you ready to test with the Regional Exam Center. It is for module Q159 if you are curious, but applies to many different versions of the exam. Download the .pdf file which lists all the questions. Then follow along with the videos as I solve them for you! Please note the National Maritime Center occasionally changes their sample exams on their website, so use this .pdf to make sure we are working on the same version.

The topics you are expected to know are:

Ocean Track Plotting: Mercator and Great Circle Sailings

Celestial Observations: Latitude by Polaris, Meridian Passage of the Sun, and Running Fixes

Times of Celestial Phenomena: Time of Meridian Passage, Zone Time of Rise/Set/Twilight

Fuel Conservation

Nautical Astronomy and Nautical Definitions.

This exam is a sample, in order to finish your studying, you should keep practicing sample problems until you can consistently score above a 90%.

200 ton oceans navigation.pdf
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